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arthurArthur Alan Wolk is an attorney, author and founding partner of The Wolk Law Firm located in Philadelphia , PA


Delta Airlines Crash at La Guardia Could Have Been a Lot Worse; Same Problem
(03/06/15) Dark, snowy, limited visibility, slick runway, short runway, inadequate safety areas, all ingredients for a disaster. The data must be analyzed but based on our litigating these accidents before here is what must be carefully looked at. [more]


Comments on Gulfstream Air Crash at Bedford Massachusetts upset NTSB.
(02/20/15) The Wolk Law Firm has received a demand letter from NTSB General Counsel that it clarify comments made on the NTSB’s role in investigating the fiery crash of a Gulfstream IV at Bedford, Massachusetts. [more]


Investigators of Air Asia 8501 Are Hopelessly Wrong in Their Data Analysis
(01/30/15) Investigators of Air Asia 8501 Are Hopelessly Wrong in Their Data Analysis by criticizing the flight deck crew’s attempted disabling of the aircraft’s flight computers. [more info]


NTSB asks FAA for help
(01/23/15) The NTSB has asked the FAA to help with technology to be installed in aircraft so their location can be pinpointed. How about GPS?
[more info]


(01/22/15) Air Asia 8501

Air Asia 8501 Theory Preposterous

Media’s talking heads know nothing



CBS3Questions on Aborted Flight at Philadelphia Airport
Aired: 03/14/2014

CBS3Mike Miska Discusses New Pilot Rest Rules
Aired: 01/23/2014

MSNBCAsiana Flight 214 Crash Landing
Aired: 07/08/2013

PCNPA Supreme Court Argument
Aired: 09/19/2011

Obama Plane IncidentObama Plane Incident
Aired: 04/20/2011

CBS3CBS3 Investigation
Aired: 04/12/2011

Channel 6 Action NewsFAA Order to Inspect
Aired: 04/05/2011

MSNBCAmerican Airlines 331
Aired: 12/23/2009


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booBoo is eight years old and author of Recollections of My Puppy. All proceeds of her book are donated to local animal shelters.

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The firm has generated over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements, and the firm’s lawyers, Arthur WolkBradley StollJohn GaglianoCynthia Devers and Michael Miska are uniquely qualified and experienced to win air crash cases.

We are well known for bringing airplanes to courthouses to prove our cases. Our models, demonstrations, animations and graphics are unparalleled in the courtroom.

We get results. From the largest aviation verdict of all time $480,000,000 to many other recoveries measured in the tens of millions, there just isn’t any peer for The Wolk Law Firm. What makes The Wolk Law Firm unique is their commitment to their clients – they handle nothing but air crash cases for plaintiffs.

The Lawyers at The Wolk Law Firm are pilots. Arthur Alan Wolk is an airline transport pilot, multi and single engine land and sea, with type ratings in both the EA 500 Eclipse Jet and the Grumman F9F-2 Panther Jet Fighter. John Gagliano is a former naval aviator and flight instructor, an airline transport pilot, multi and single engine land, CFI and CFII. Michael Miska is a private pilot, single and multi-engine land with an instrument rating. Cynthia Devers is a student pilot. Bradley Stoll is one of the best aviation legal minds in the industry and an accomplished trial and appellate litigator.

wolk-150-x-190“We care about every client and their cause. At the end of the day, our clients are our lives but aviation safety is our profession!”
Arthur Alan Wolk
Wolk honored with first Pennsylvania Supreme Court Televised Argument
(9/19/2011) – Wolk argued the scope of the General Aviation Revitalization Act as it might apply to aircraft maintenance and safety publications.
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There is a good reason for the success of The Wolk Law Firm. They serve a single purpose for which they have developed an enormous depth of expertise. The firm flies an Eclipse EA 500 jet which brings knowledge of state of the art technology and equipment into the forefront of every accident they investigate.

An airplane crash is an unspeakable tragedy. Every client they have had and those they currently represent will uniformly say they have never seen or imagined the intensity of effort and the expertise that is brought to bear by The Wolk Law Firm to make sure that they are given a fair hearing and maximum recovery.

When an airplane crash occurs, only time can help heal the pain caused by the tragedy. Air crash victims’ families and any survivors can find solace in determining the reason for the plane crash. They look for ways to prevent a similiar air tragedy from happening again. Identifying the truth and determining the responsibility behind air crashes, and raising public awareness about aviation safety issues, has been the driving force behind the aviation law practice of The Wolk Law Firm.

In order to achieve substantial settlements from airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aviation insurers – all entities with vast corporate resources – a law firm must be willing to commit a comparable investment in time and money. The Wolk Law Firm is willing to make that commitment for its clients.

Over the past 40 years, The Wolk Law Firm has won hundreds of cases successfully for our clients, generating more than a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements in courtrooms all over America.

Here are some of our results:

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The Wolk Law Firm has talented attorneys dedicated to the practice of air crash litigation for plaintiffs. We are experienced in aviation law and win huge verdicts and settlements for our clients while making a difference in the safety of the industry.